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they agree to a pay cut. >> they could show us the book and there would be no argument. >> they are expected to lose 10 million. >>> robert hondareports on neighbors reporting suspicious behaver. >>reporter: they got a call about a man going into a house. >> the fact they went in the house, they could have hurt him. >>reporter: they were armed and stole lap tops and other devices. they also stole the wallet. one was surrendered and one hid and had to be found by dogs. they met this woman on line and she brought the men. they are investigating it with other robries like the one in sunnyville. >> it takes people to report the activity and that is what happened here. >>reporter: investigators are not releasing name because they are still searching for the woman that sped away. >>> a man was found on the fourth floor of a hotel. a hold is on any information about the man, they are treating it at suspicious until they know more. >>> a subtiitute teacher was in court today for accused of having sex with two girls he met through the internet. the bail was released to $250,000. >>> the jury in the h
overhead giving us this live picture. officials tell us that downtown berkeley park station is new downtown. it's causing some major delays on the berkeley -based online. the power outage is affecting coverage in the area. more developing news now from the oakland hills where fire crews just rescued a woman from inside a van after the vehicle plunged down an embankment. this happened on skyline boulevard near melville drive within the hour. >>> news chopper two got these pictures as crews got the woman onto a backboard and then rushed her to ask about 20 minutes ago. >>> a school principal is facing criminal charges today for allegedly failing to relay a child's report of sexual abuse to proper authorities. we explain how it unfolded in our top story of seven. >> the elementary school was rocked by the arrest of teacher craig chandler back in january. he's charged with sexually abusing five students. >>> another teacher is also feeling a charge for failing to report. >> a chance came forward in october 2011 and gave information that we believe will lead a reasonable person to entertain a re
and the people that have come through and the team that came through and helped and supported us all after the incident, we can't fault them. >>> lieutenant cavarese has been with the department since 1994. he is currently on administrative duty and he's also turned in two weapons. his service weapon and his personal firearm. >>> and in 12 minutes a new development in the case of the suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. the decision on whether to pursue charges against the mayor. >>> a santa clara probation officer was injured after he shot himself in the leg. authorities say two people have been taken into custody but are not releasing any more details. we do have a crew arriving at the scene and we'll bring you more information during this newscast. >>> a trip to the russian river turned deadly today for a young man from santa rosa. firefighters were called to sunset beach river park in forestville around 4:20 this afternoon. sheriff's deputies say the victim was a 20-year-old young man. they said he was swimming with friends when he went under water. friends say he flew how to swim and wa
the guys who were there give us the real story. >> see what happened to a driver with mad skills even at 115 miles per hour. >> oh! >>> it's a demo video for something you've probably never heard of. h . >>> we begin our show today with a video that will absolutely pull your heart strings and may be difficult for some of you to watch. this video is being circle calculated by an animal rescue organization. in this video we're see iing a baby being dragged away from her mother. >> my golf cart's bigger than that. according to reports, the bear was illegally sold to the zoo. a bear usually spends the first two years of its life with its mother. this cub having been separated we contacted the zoo and they didn't get back to us. >>> you thought a double rainbow was rare, how about a double tor'ado? this rope looking thing up in the sky and what makes this even slightly more rare one -- the funnel is going horizontally. it almost looks like the tornado's smiling at you. >> they typically don't get strong tornadoes like we do in the states. >> this is pretty amazing to look at. >>> not so lo
've ever had. >>> other factors include a stronger u.s. dollar stemming from the economic slow down in europe and china. >> there are economic troubles there that are slowing things down. and they did not get the full benefit because now that the i pad is becoming available there. >> reporter: analysts say with the loss of steve jobs might be a factor in the future, right now the new products being released were still developed over watch. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now on wall street traders sold off apple stocks in afterhours trading. it sank from $600 a share to 567. netflix also plunged. the company blamed the drop on a slow down of subscriber growth. that's a drop of more than 16%. >>> on the broader markets stocks also headed south again today the dow declined for a third consecutive session falling more than 100 points the nasdaq dropped 47. king today flies new concerns about a slowing european economy and the impact it will have on companies. >>> now to contra costa county where investigators are still trying to determine what caused an early morn
>>> she's out of the hospital after a bout with flesh eating bacteria and telling us how a small cut nearly cost her her life. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it's the kind of ordeal that's hard to imagine. tonight a bay area 12-year-old is recovering from a near fatal case of flesh eating bacteria. new at 10:00, debra villalon is live in sonoma county where it all started with just a small cut on her knee. >> a cut that led to a life threatening infection. missy pendington had hoped to show her lamb at the fair. but missy is not getting around the family farm like she used to after she lost the skin on her right leg, almost the leg itself to flesh eating bacteria. >> yeah it was just a cut and they stitched it up. >> reporter: just a one inch cut above the knee needing six stitches. two days later, swelling, pain and fever and back at the local er the doctor rushed to air lift her to children's hospital. >> i knew i had to rush her. >> by the time we got to the hospital, it was up her thigh and to her ankle. >> reporter: this is the metal missy caugh
in april. john mogeloff says the project is a good use of this space. >> it's an empty parcel and here we have a community that has said what they want. >> reporter: the development project would boost the city's tax revenue. >> one of the thing that is the city council has to look at is it's an opportunity for development. also an opportunity to revitalize a part of san pablo avenue the gate way to the city that could use a little help right now. >> reporter: i just checked in, they are still taking public comment. frank and julie we will be here monitoring the situation and if the city council does vote on rezoning in this newscast we'll bring it to you live. reporting live tonight here in albany, i'm heather holmes. >>> wilfredo "flaco" reyes is awaiting sentencing. ramos received that it was reyes who was the actual killer. and ramos attorney is suspicious about the timing of this arrest. >> one can only think they put off arresting this man because they knew if they got them in during edwin's trial the truth would come out that edward did not murder the bolonia family. >>> jury secti
the owner hasn't taken a position. >> the voters can decide but it's not up to us. >> reporter: other merchants say a ban is necessary because some people sitting on the sidewalk are disruptive and intimidate customers. >> people tell us that they don't come to telegraph as much anymore, telegraph avenue because they don't like the sidewalks here. >> reporter: opponents packed into tonight's meeting and some carried signs they said the proposed signs discriminate signs -- against the homeless. >> they are going to fine someone who seemed impoverished over a person that doesn't. >>> if the council votes to put the proposed ban. it will go into effect july 2013. a citation will carry a $75 fine or community service. if there is a vote during our newscast we will of course bring it to you. reporting live here in berkeley, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a motorists survived a very close call this evening after she lost control of her van and plunged about 100 yards down an enbankment. the officer happened shortly after 6:00 off skyline boulevard in the oakland hills. firefighters wer
with us. it's surprising that things have come to this, but copper is so valuable that people are willing to go to such extremes to get it. >> workers have made repairs and installing the wiring and police have increased patrols. >> a san francisco police cruiser was involved in a traffic accident today that sent an officer and a taxicab driver to the hospital and filled the street with water. it happened at 2:25 a.m. this morning. police say the collision happened when the taxi turned in front of the police cruiser. it slammed into a fire hydrant and flooded the streets as a security guard came to help. >> i said, is anyone hurt? and he didn't say anything to me. >> people who work in the area say the intersection is dangerous and only one street past a stop sign. >>> the cost of feeding the meter in san francisco could raise. i headed we will have new details. authorities in san bruno save us with deadly fire has claimed a second victim. 62 -year-old lila pushrod after her two -year-old grandson died of smoke inhalation. they were trapped in a back bedroom when it caught fire. investig
that he was fully armed with body armor and the aurora police chief gave us more information on what happened with the suspect 24- year-old james egan holmes. >> we are showing you here video from one of the people who lost their life in today's attack. this is actually a young woman, 24-year-old jessica ghawi. a sports blogger who survived a shooting rampage in a toronto shopping ball. overnight she was shot in the head and died there in the movie theater. her friends describe her at out going, smart, white. another woman who was -- white. another woman who was at the movie theater with a 4-month- old baby and 4-year-old daughter. >> i remember thinking i am not going to die in here. me and my kids are not going to die in here. i need to get out. i need to get out. all i can think if i stand up he is going to shoot. that is what he was doing. i was trying to think how to get my kids out of there. >> well, she and her children survived the attack. the baby there was treated for exposure to tear gas. >>> less than an hour ago we learned the gunman brought more than 6,000 rounds of amm
. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. it's a neighborhood that used to thrive, but has seen its fortunes diminish. now there's new hope that food trucks will revive food traffic. happening now, the launch of a weekly event in berkeley. john is live near telegraph where he found mixed opinions about the arrival of food trucks, including the owner of a brick and morter restaurant who is not too thrilled. john. >> reporter: gasia, here it is. the rolling buffet. it is off the grid with its food trucks and tonight it's in an area that needs a second helping. >> anything else for you? >> off the grid brought some of its tastiest selections to berkeley's telegraph corridor tonight. >> it is small businesses, local, grown here, made here, and people trying to get up on their feet. >> this is first rate stuff. this truck is outstanding. >> the culinary convoy is parked at telegraph three blocks from the uc campus. an area that has been struggling because no longer people buy books or music in stores. >> it's the lack of foot traffic that used to be present because of the
>>> the independence day holiday is upon us. the first big fireworks show actually took place tonight. in fact, it just wrapped up minutes ago with more on tap for tomorrow. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. today police begin their dui patrols. new at 10:00, matt keller is in campbell after riding with officers on dui patrol. >> reporter: looking deputies begin their dui patrol looking to keep drunk drivers off the roads. 18 kegs were ordered waiting for pick up as people get ready to celebrate independence day with a beer or two. >> a lot of the cocktail drinks and white wine is very hot this week and beer is the most popular thing. a lot of kegs. >> reporter: no holiday time off for santa clara county sheriff deputies. 700 people were arrested for drunk driving over the fourth of july weekend last year. tuttle is asking to add to that by watching signs. >> drifting within the lane or drifting tr lane to lane. >> reporter: a first time drunk driving conviction means you could lose your license for at least four months, face up to six months in jail,
to each location. >> this van allows us to determine whether or not there's enough probably cause for arrest. >> reporter: ismael arragon was arrested, police say after viewing the images they see it's haunting. >> some of it does stay with you and acts as a motivation to try to clean the streets up from this kind of a problem. >> reporter: police say the 32- year-old man arrested at this home is married and works at a local hardware store and detectives like most people arrested for child porn he did not have a criminal record. >>> here are four mug shots of people arrested today. and here are five other photos. officers arrested a total of 15 men today. >>> a san francisco medical examiner has identified a man who was shot and killed yesterday by police. a female officer shot 32-year- old prolong at washington and davis street near the embarcadero after he lunged at the officer with a box cutter. minutes ago the man used that box cutter to injure a coworker. >>> in san francisco, police named a driver today who was involved in a brief chase and crashed that we told you about las
, as she joins us now with a time table for bart's next leg. >> reporter: well, fremont is the last stop for now, but plans to extend service south are moving ahead at full speed. with every swipe, walls crumbled. the plan to clear this lot in the next two weeks to become this future bart station. two new bart stations will be on a 10 mile extension to connect fremont with san jose by 2017. right now, bart is constructing the future warm springs station, the planned connection point for the new service lines. >> that'll probably make my life easier. >> reporter: south bay commuters currently rely on ride sharing, the bus, and light rail. >> but the light rail kind of doesn't take you where you need to go. you have to walk far. >> reporter: the promise of bart at silicon valley is already sparring new bus service to prepare. >> one thing we've been doing is we've been replicating future bart service with express bart service. individuals are starting to get used to public transportation. >> reporter: an estimated 23,000 people a day are expected to use the bariesa extension when it opens.
,000 people. it puts oakland on the list of the cities with the most violent crime in the u.s. it ranks 1st for robbery and car theft. >>> a toddler has died and his grandparents near critical condition in a house fire in san bruno. just before 9:00 this morning the crews got a call of flames coming from the second story from the home. a construction crew, working next door, helped pull a 20- year-old man to safety. firefighters say 2-year-old died from smoke inhalation. the relatives say the little boy was dropped off there every day while his parents went to work. >> i am just praying right now my grand maand grandpa come back. i hope they make it. >> reporter: one firefighter was hurt cutting his hand during the rescue. investigators believe the fire start inside an upstairs closet where a grandmother had a shrine with candles. >>> a fire reported on saint francis drive just after 5:15 this morning. investigators say that electricity was wired to bypass pg&e meter and pass directly into power lines that may of sparked the fire. the crew got these exclusive pictures of marijuana plants a
're chanting "usa," then assaulting these officers that are protecting us. >> this is all during a fourth of july sort of party that was going on at the beach. something like 4,000 people were on hand at the beach. only like 15 or so officers there to keep people in check. eventually with the help of some other deputies they did arrest a group of guys, men, ages ranging from 19 to 25, charges ranging from inciting a riot to disorderly conduct. in all, five officersere >> there wring this whole mess. one of them got tasered, the other guy got taken down by three cops. >> fists were flying, people were hitting the ground. a lot of people were highly intoxicated. >> we're seeing video of just one event but it sounds like the entire day was just a complete disaster at the beach. you're supposed to be having fun. >> usa! usa! >>> the birds in massachusetts are just voracious. >> this family set up a camera and what they discovered, it wasn't birds emptying their bird feeder. it was a bear taller than six feet. tearing this bird feeder down. >> didn't it break them? >> last november they notice
guy, but the defendant told me he felt so threatened he had to reach for the first thing he could use as a weapon to subdue it. >> the size of his clothes. >> reporter: 16-year-old natally salazar is keeping the sweater she bought for her pet, glovesies, so named because his paws looked like little gloves. the miniature poodle died in march after he was beaten by the next door neighbor. >> it was sad because the right side of his eye was covered in blood. >> reporter: marcus totatay is facing animal cruelty charges for hitting him repeatedly, crushing his skull with a brick. >> i didn't look, i went like this to something. >> you didn't hit it multiple times? >> no. >> reporter: when we caught up with him at the courthouse this afternoon, he told us he acted in self defense. >> the dog, he tried to bite me, you know, and i'm just scared because i have my kids and my wife. >> reporter: the salazar's response, their dog would never hurt anyone and the san mateo county da's office claims he's telling tales. >> this is not about some type of self defense that he was saying from this 12 po
and their very cute daughter, arianna joining us right this minute from lincoln, nebraska. vinny, we're glad to see you're safe and sound, but first of all, how did you get yourself stuck? >> so i decided to toss the rope over the tree limb. i just climbed up it. once i got to the top, the rope was underneath me. >> alex, you seemed amused by this whole thing. >> oh, i was nervous. i just was more amused than nervous. you should have known i was going to get you on camera on this. >> when the fire department eventually comes, they put the ladder up there but it looks like you were able to get the rope where you wanted it before you came down. >> they told me to finish the job so they didn't have to come back. >> after we see you, you know, walk down the ladder, what did the firefighters say? >> they told me i was the first human being that they actually rescued out of a tree before. >> i've got to ask though, vinny, did it hurt your pride at all? >> oh, absolutely. i'm not afraid to say it. >> you're handling it really well. i think all of us can say you got a gold star as a dad for your eff
election. coming up in 10 minutes, u c students tell us why their votes aren't necessarily guaranteed. >>> at 10:15 this morning, police say a worker at pier 17 slashed another working with a box cutter. investigators say it was an unprovoked attack. the suspect later identified as a 30-year-old cambodian man ran off. about ten minutes, later, police officers spotted him at washington and davidson streets in the financial district. >> when the officer found him and took him on, basically the suspect produced a box cutter and lunged at the officer. >> police say that's when a female officer fired two shots. both hit the man in his torso. he was taken to a hospital, but later died. >>> funeral services were held for a 5-year-old boy who was killed backing out of a car. he tells us why at first, it seemed like the little boy was going to be okay. >> reporter: sheriff deputies just wrapped up their investigation here in just the past two hours and are calling the death of a 5-year-old boy a tragic accident. tonight, it was busy for a different reason. sheriffs deputies doing an investigat
're worried. >> it would be very easy to close. we have no services. it would be very easy to close us. >> reporter: patients say they just want the hospital to remain open. >> a lot of people that live in this area need this place. >> reporter: the cities cpmc provides 40% of all health care in san francisco. the mayor's office tells me that they are working to renegotiate this contract without triggers before a hearing on july 17th. live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> other hospitals in the bay area say they plan to walk off the job in a one day strike tomorrow. the nurses are upset with several issues, including sick leave, staffing and coverage. the union says the strike will affect 3500 rns and several hundred respiratory and x-ray and other technician at hospitals in alomeda county. >>> 17-year-old jazeel forson of american canyon was killed just after midnight on lakeville highway. investigators say a white pickup truck veered into an oncoming lane. a witness tells ktvu the driver of that white truck checked on the teen before running off on foot. >> h
that you get stabbed at? come on! >> reporter: a neighbor told us it's not the first time smith hosted a large party. last year, he signed a four-year $14 million contract with the 49ers and was a standout in his rookie season. in january, he was arrested for dui in miami beach. >> 22 year-old getting that kind of a contract? it's going to happen again. and i think the '9ers are going to come down on him because we just don't accept that. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says smith and the two victims were taken to local hospitals but were not seriously injured. the director of public relations said "we were in contact with with aldon and thankful his injuries are not more serious." one neighbor told us smith's parties have gotten out of hand before. >> they were shooting guns? >> yeah, they were shooting guns. >> reporter: you see the sheriff's vehicle posted on the private road. this is as far as we're able to go. the investigators are coming and going all day along. the 49 ares are in communication -- the 49ers are communication in authorities as they try to find out exactly what
and like not get stuck in the middle of roller coaster. >> park guests told us they were worried that rides at the park stopped regularly. >> there were problems on the cobra, and medusa and boomerang two, they weren't really working. >> reporter: but a park official says that's common and serves as a security provisions. reporting live in vallejo, patti lee, ktvu news. >>> this is not the first time there's been roller coaster trouble at the six flags in august of 2010 the boomerang ride got stuck for about an hour with about 20 people on board. luckily it was stuck in the up right position. 28 passengers were stranded and those passengers were stuck in a sideways position. six of the riders were treated for heat related problems but there were no serious injuries. >>> an amber alert is in effect for a 16-year-old girl. police believe the teen was kidnapped by two men involved in a homicide. she's about 5'tall, weighs about 130 pounds and had brown hairs and eyes. she also has a tattoo that says 3-10-10. serrano went missing after two men were killed in her father's home in san ardo. inve
that the memorial in aurora, colorado had to physically hold each other up. one 17-year-old told us he lost two friends. >> just hearing that phone call, that two of your friends got shot is just devastating news to me. >> it's completely surreal. >> reporter: sisters melia and linnea schurig were in theater 8, along the wall that separated them from theater 9 where a gunman opened fire on the theater. but then a fragment of a bullet fired through a wall hit a friend in the arm one row behind him. >> the instinct was to get out and when we got out, it was bigger. people were yelling there is a shooter. >> reporter: the sisters escaped unhurt and have rejoined their mother and friends at an annual convention for a group who dedicate to help young people who stutter. but as they watched the grief gripping this part of colorado, the schurigs know how lucky they are. >> if it can gone different ways we could have been one of the 126789 we were just really lucky and feel that the tragedy is the ones that weren't as lucky. >> those two sisters told eric who their friend who was shot was released
of control. >>> an abandoned dog becomes a good luck charm for a baseball pitcher. >> tell us what's so special about little stevie. >> probably the most adorable and well-behaved puppy. >> hear what made him the ultimate mascot. >> and see a video of doing men things the other way. >> see what happens when men throw with the wrong arm. >>> time to get our show started with our first video of the day. gail has it. >> police in oklahoma city say a 6-year-old is okay after she was held hostage by her father. in this video, you can see she's been let go. she's running into the arms of a s.w.a.t. team member. >> she must be so confused right now. >> she's got to run towards a guy with a gun and a helmet on. >> police say a woman called early in the morning saying my boyfriend is holding me and my 2-year-old and 6-year-old girls hostage. the girl's mother and younger sister were able to escape, but the girl was still inside the house. police called and negotiated with him. eventually, the father was found dead after the girl got out of the home. >> you know if he harmed her in any way while
to sitting on your mom's couch? how about getting off that couch and coming to work for us. >> there may be a reason why the new port police needs to recruit some hard core cops because this was the scene in newport beach on july 4th. fireworks come in early with a couple booms to a couple dude's faces. girl trying to fight agy. >> shoving the guy in the green tank. that guy loses it. pushes her out of the way and decks a duke, knocks him cold. boom. >> and then just erupts into a full-on brawl on the beach. >> oh shoot. >> where is the newport police now? recruiting? >> they are recruiting. >> recruiting video. >> that guy got knocked out. >> his buddies are trying to make him come around. he is like a sack of taters on the beach. >> did you video the whole thing? >> the whole thing. >> why can't people get along when drinking on the beach? >> you're already at the beach man. >> how can it be bad? >> enjoy it. embrace the beach. >> cassy, a spokeswoman for the newport beach police department, on the fourth of july there were about 119 different arrests. she would not confirm or deny if
of this so called internet black out. here at the internet cafe, this group tells us they still do have internet access, but in the last hour service providers like at&t and verizon says they are ramping up for a gluten of computer users. >> reporter: at 9:00 p.m. tonight, the end of internet service for thousands. >> there will be people who can't get on the internet. they are estimates nationwide it's 50 or 60,000. >> reporter: for months, facebook, google and the fbi have warned computer users to check for malware that for years had redistricted web users to a site. >> by sending you to that look alike site, the hackers made money. >> reporter: the fbi took down the hackers that created the malware last year. tonight the agency took down the safety net it created to keep malware victims from suddenly losing internet access. >> i must have been living in a cave here. >> reporter: khurana had not heard the warning until tonight. it took just a moment to find out if his website was infected with malware it wasn't. relief caused him to blast his friends a last minute warning. service pro
: this family from pennsylvania told us, its their first time visiting san francisco, and this 4th of july is special. mom and dad are from jordan, and this is their first independence day as american citizens. >> just the respect that everybody gets. the respect of religion, the respect of origin. just the heritage. >> reporter: the couple told always us they want their children to know why they're celebrating today. >> they know what independence means, like the 4th of july. yeah, it means a lot to be free. >> reporter: the san francisco based group zoo station entertained folks who arrived early. >> we decided to do san francisco this year. >> reporter: the fireworks show producer told us 6,000 explosives were used to dazzle the audience. they came away impressed by what they saw. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> here's another look now at those fireworks. news chopper 2 is in the area and got a great overhead view of tonight's show. you can see that the fog held off just long enough for the folks to see the show. started around 9:30 and lasted 23 mi
was riding a gray horse number eight. a witness tells us that he started off strong and then fall back and got too close to another horse and was thrown on to to track. >> it seemed like he might have overcorrected and he came across the nine horse, clipped heels with the nine horse and stumbled badly and the jockey flew over the horse to the racetrack. >> reporter: officials say it appears that herr era might have been trampled. >> we had an ambulance that was following the race, emergency personnel responded immediately. he was taken to medical trauma in castro valley which he was then pronounced dead. >> reporter: county fair officials tell me they plan to remember herr era with a moment of silence before tomorrow's race. but this is just a shock for the racing community. the last fatality here was on july 5 back in 1975, ilan gonzalez, there's a memorial race that was named for him that is supposed to go on saturday. and i'm told that will go on. officials are conducting an investigation into the accident. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. >>> a 3-year-old boy from gilroy
and wounded and -- in one of the worse mass shootings in u.s. history. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. as aurora struggles to heal, president obama speaks to those who lost loved ones. >> my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day. >> reporter: the president said he came not only as president but a father and a husband. he said family shared tears, accepted hugs but also shared laughter as they recalled their loved ones. seven people remained in critical condition tonight in the hospital. president obama visited today during his stop in colorado. meantime a huge crowd showed up to honor those who did not survive. ktvu's eric rasmussen was at that vigil and tells us what the governor did not say about the suspect, eric. >> reporter: we've seen some incredible tributes to the victim's really since we got here on friday. just take a look at the crosses, they were brought in by the same man who brought in crosses fo
mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. for most of us it's unfathomable. a man armed to the teeth looking to do damage. amber lee is live in san jose to show us the mood at bay area theaters that are showing the dark knight rises. but our coverage begins with the movie that did not go as scripted. >> reporter: this graphic illustrates what some folks said as the smoke spread and they saw a silhouette on the screen of the gunman. at first they thought it was a part of the movie. then reality hit with the movies. >> we thought it was part of the movie, there was a shoot out scene. >> there was this one guy who was on all fours crawling. there was this girl spitting up blood. there were bullet holes in some people's backs, some people's arms. >> the first thing we see is a 14 or 15-year-old girl with bullets in her chest and her head, she was about to die there. >> reporter: her injured daughter has been releaseed from the hospital. >> people were running away. i hit the ground so i wouldn't be hit. >> reporter: many were hit, some fatally. >> we found out that he was shot, and that his girl
to find it's niche. we are live at yahoo headquarters to tell us about the surprise move. >> reporter: all is quiet here but online many are talking about how she has been tapped to take the reigns. some say she can turn the company around. >> the 37-year-old is known to many many the tech worm as being smart and talented. news that she left her job as a tonight executive it be the ceo came as a surprise. she started as an engineer. she is responsible for creating google search and was the vice president of google maps and google services. she said i'm excited to start my new role tomorrow. on the yahoo campus employees said they are excited and hopeful. the company has had five co's in five-years and has been struggling to reestablish itself. now. where near as bad as apple when steve jobs took it over. it's what can be done, it's going to take a major effort. >> reporter: it was thought the interim chief executive would get the job. but analysts call this a major score for yahoo. >> i know her to be smart, driven, disciplined and demanding. so any team she puts together better expect a
45 homicide. one family tells us they don't want their loved one to be another number. and our reporter live where a man was killed a few days ago and police are still looking for the shooter. >> reporter: police tell me he had no criminal record. the city college student was found dead over there on that corner last thursday. he was on his way home and today there was amasser outpouring of supreme court at his funeral. they came by the hundreds to the brine moreture year. >> i'm still like in shock. i'm still not believing it. i seen his body today. >> reporter: the funeral hall couldn't hold all the people. people lined inspect hall ways and on the street. mourning the death for a young man they say had a passion for life. >> he was like a fun guy and pure innocent. never had hate to toward nobody. >> it's shocking. i mean it was just stayed optimistic. >> police found him dead at 12:18 last thursday. >> it appears the suspect shot this young man execution style. you know, shot and suffered some gunshot wounds an bedon't believe this person was involved in any criminal activi
'll be used to take an astronaut to mars or an asteroid. >> i wonder what they put inside the capsule. you know they put something in there. >> like a monkey? crash test dummy. >> beth's dog. >> no. >> how many calls did the folks in arizona get about some kind of spacecraft? >> get this, they're planning an orbital test flight in 2014. gone are the days of the space shuttle. hello, orion. >> i still like the space shuttle. looked cooler. >>> it's all caught on camera, and the guy who's caught -- >> is a minneapolis s.w.a.t. team executive officer who was off duty. >> and now what he did on camera has him in big trouble. >>> polar bears ready now. and see the mama polar bear in action. >> so, so cute. i used to rock out every weekend, now i rock out every day of the week. [ male announcer ] for brian, the all new medicare supplement plans from anthem bluecross were music to his ears. he knows that traditional medicare won't cover all of his healthcare costs. so he added a plan that pays for some of the expenses original medicare won't, like deductibles and copays. he gets to keep his own d
strangers to run sunscreen on his back. >> it's just natural. >> gayle is getting us started today. >> a train derailed in the morning, and there was dramatic footage as the train caught fire. >> that looks like an atomic bomb going off. >> it does. this train was carrying ethanol on three of it's cars, and it's highly flammable. they had to evacuate a one-mile area around -- >> people who went to the scene said they could smell a chemical smell because you have this train, three cars full of ethanol, and they're going up in smoke. they don't know what caused the derailment. and fire crews decided to let it just burn out, but obviously this is a serious, serious train accident. they said none of the employees were injured. >> i glad they were ableo burn it look like there were trees in the area it could have maybe spread. >> only two people were injured, they were not on the train, they ran to the train before the explosion, but they were able to drive themselves to area hospitals. >>> i have another update for you on the adorable bear that was rescued in the ukraine. she was taken
are telling us why they don't plan to intervene. >> marine experts are monitoring that wayward dolphin that is creating a stir in south san francisco, and a bit of a concern as well. the dolphin was seen sweeping in colma creek. ken wayne is live now to tell us why animal experts plan to leave the dolphin alone, at least for now. >> we just saw the dolphin about 15 minutes ago, here in the darkness of colma creek. as best as we can tell, he's still in the area. what happens next to the dolphin is largely up to him. as the sunset behind the fog, the wayward dolphin seemed content to swim in the murky water. the creek is a channel behind a costco and next to industrial warehouses. workers shut off an ultrasonic device. >> reporter: tracy estrada spotted it this morning. >> i walk this trial every day with my coworkers, and i saw the fin sticking up out of the water. i thought shark. i finally figured out it was a dolphin. >> reporter: it's thought to be a bottle nose. cireious onlookers stop to watch. many expressing concern that the dolphin could be ill, or in danger. >> they're beautif
death of preston orlando a tragic accident. they did not reveal how it happened but say the gun used was not the service weapon of preston's father and san jose police officer brandon orlando. >> we have determined that the firearm that was used was a personally owned firearm. at this time i'm not able to divulge who it belonged to. and i can also confirm that it did not belong to any government agency. >> reporter: other children were at the house at the time of the shooting but determined they were not directly involved. now officers are looking into other circumstances. >> one of those things will be how firearms were stored at the time of the resident. >> reporter: accident prevention act allows for adults to be responsible for a shooting. >> to put a safety lock would probably be the best. to empty out the bullets. >> reporter: no arrests have been made but the law is clear. if the person a parent or guardian no arrest of the person for the alleged violation shall occur until at least seven days after the accidental shooting. defense attorney steve davidson has worked gun cases
and ktvu was told a teenager began performing cpr. two witnesses also told us the child and others were playing a game in the pool. >> they were playing, let's hold our breath under water the longest. >> the boy was resuscitated and taken to the hospital. at this point he's said to be in serious condition. >>> a tense stand off is under way in east oakland where police have been at a home for two hours. two suspects wanted for shooting at a chp patrol car were in a home near 23rd avenue. officers then surrounded the house around 3:30 and evacuated several homes as a precaution. the men are wanted for attempted murder following a shooting on interstate 880 on saturday night. two other people were arrested earlier today in connection with that incident. no one was hurt when the chp car was hit by bullets. >>> the suspect in the colorado movie shooting made his first appearance in court today. james holmes remained silent but his orange red hair spoke volumes. some of the injured victims and those who were killed looked on. >> reporter: without fire power and body armour this accused mass
on the bay bridge that will keep drivers on course. jana katsuyama is live to show us this unique system and what the bridge will look like at night. >> reporter: that's right frank we are on the deck right now on the eastern span and we're giving you the first glimpse of the custom system. what makes it different is this. each one of these has led lights. it's going to be pretty impressive. tonight caltrans put the system to the test. as the evening commute wound down across the bay bridge. caltrans prepared to light up the new eastern span. once twilight hit the bay, caltrans hit the switch. a flood of light beams shot through the light. the new light system is meant to flood the road with light. the light poles were manufactured in nebraska. the challenge to create a diagnosal pole. >> this pole is 2 inches thick and it's strictly to be able to take the shock the of an earthquake. >> reporter: the lightnings were developed by musco's light in iowa. >> it was from scratch and designed only for this project. it's definitely a first. >> reporter: the led system costs $18 million. caltran
. extra police and firecrews are patrolling oakland to crack down on the use of illegal fireworks. they hope the increased vicability will acas a deterrent. the sound of firecrackers could be heard throughout oakland. they are concerned it could touch off grass fire. extras are bringing in pumper trucks. >>> having the 4th of july in the middle of the week may be keeping the roads safer. they report the big drop in dui arrests. the chp arrested 220 drivers last night. last year when it began on a friday officers arrested 443 drivers. it is the same story here in the bay area with 40 drivers arrested compared to 74 last year. >> the coast guard is looking for boaters under the influence this holiday. the blood alcohol limit is the same as driving, .08%. officers say they will be checking for life jackets, one for every person on board. firework safety zones will be in effect tonight in san francisco for 1,000 feet off of pier 39 and off aquatic park. >>> now, san jose, firecrews say a family came home from a day at the beach to find their home badly damaged by fire. firefighters sa
husband then immediately return to venezuela. mirkarimi first asked that city money be used for the ticket, the mayor denied that request. >>> the shooting happened friday night on sixth street. the victim is identified as 25- year-old gary smith of oakland who died at the scene. the arrest came yesterday in union city. the suspects 24-year-old anthony pratt of union city and 24-year-old trumillion ballard are in custody facing murder charges. there's no word yet on a motive for the shooting. >>> oakland police have yet to make any arrests in a pair of shootings that injured two men. the first happened at 12:30 this morning on foothill avenue. the second happened about an hour later on 98th avenue. one man was shot there and taken to the hospital. police say he was uncooperative and his condition has not been released. >>> there's word of a protest planned for tomorrow involving san francisco's muni. demonstrators plan to mark the anniversary of the death of kenneth harding who died in a shooting with police after refusing to pay his fare. the medical examiner found if bullet that killed h
break? i to be breaking a law. >> reporter: u.s. park police arrested this protester fore disorderly conduct when he wouldn't budge from the restaurant 's entrance. activists knocked here because even though california enacted a ban july 1st on products made from force-fed birds, namely foie gras, it is back. this $20 entree on the menu in the presidio, a national park. >> immature childish behavior. they are trying to evade enforcement, but it's not going to workment they are not a sovereign nation. >> i didn't believe there would be picketers. >> reporter: even snapping a quick shot of their forbidden sliders before polishing them off. >> it's a guilty pleasure that you least have to try once. >> we almost didn't come. >> reporter: one couple invited for a birthday brought a letter of disapproval to the owner. >> if you want to overturn the law, you should work for that, but he is kind of setting himself above the law. >> i think it's unfair to their competitors. it's clearly a violation of the law. >> reporter: restaurant management declined an interview, but the said bubbin
but they used a taser to subdue him. he is now facing three felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon. >> i guess the lesson is if a 55-year-old man approaches you to buy a tv in the parking lot of a 7-eleven, maybe just buy the tv or take cover. >>> it's getting crazy in kazakhstan. people are out at the beach trying to enjoy themselves and some goof ball fires up an suv and races through the shower waters. you see some women grabbing people out of the way. who knows who could be playing in these shallow water. i'm not sure what's being said here but there's a lot of screaming going on. >> my gosh, that is incredibly dangerous. the people are still in the water. >> the people at the swimming pool are enraged. >> tell me some mad dads took care of this. >> it was the women who were really screaming any guy. as he drives by the camera, he gives them the one-finger salute, and then stops and gets out of the car. that's where people just mob this guy. the crowd seems to grow into a mob and surround his truck. >> what was he thinking? >> why even go through it, loik for what? you get enjoyment
nastia with her mother. we have another update, and to tell us exactly how nastia's doing, we have nicolas from "four paws" all the way from ukraine via skype. have nastia and mom been reunited? >> not yet. there's absolutely no doubt nastia knows her mother is in the cage right next to her. sadly, that's not the case for the mother. we've flown in experts. we've showed videos to analyze the behavior. everyone agrees that in the kur current situation to get them to reunite will be much, much too dangerous. we've right at this very moment started to construct a new facility in ukraine. >> tell us about the facility you're building for them. >> it's an area which is a natural forest. we'll have climbing facilities and many places to hide. the main point for us is we construct a segmented area for both bears, so we can test reuniting the two. both will have a very suitable life for themselves. >> when do you hope to have them in this new sanctuary? >> we plans are we can move them within september. >> last time we talked about nastia, we found out her mom may have been pregnant. >> sa
for us and the story behind it. >> a scary situation at the jersey shore. a storm rolled through near seaside heights, new jersey. people on the boardwalk started to get scared. you see the wind whip up. it knocked power out. yeah. people are starting to get pretty scared. >> that's power out and people on that ride. >> look, they got stuck. >> that's the skyride along the boardwalk in seaside heights. the one person that's getting really freaked out is melanie rossomando. she's in that skyride. you see her kick her shoes off and she wasn't going to wait around to get struck by lightning because -- >> she's going down. off she goes. >> oh! >> how far was that drop? >> that's a great question. did she get hurt? to tell us about her leap of faith, joining us right this minute is melanie rossomando. melanie, you appear to be okay. tell us about your jump. >> i'm fine. it was about 35 feet, which is equivalent to three stories high. i was just freaking out. i didn't even second guess it. i was like i'm jumping. i'm out of this ride. >> why not wait until fire crews come or rescue workers?
? that in the video we found on the "welcome home" blog, we see u.s. airman brian who just came home from afghanistan. what is he going to do? surprise the wivy. >> i know what she's going to do. >> may i take your order? [ screaming ] >> i love that, it was so simple and right to the point. can i take your order? that's awesome. >> told ya. >> at this point, she's crying, their daughter is, oh, so excited when she realized daddy was home, too. she just runs and there's family hug. >> this is better than the daily special. >> i love these, you just love them. >> it's great when everyone around them notices what's going on. >> they're wonderful to see love. in action. >> just to see love. >> this is not -- the look of love! it's it >>> it's the running of the dogs. who let the dogs out and why. >>> and it's an international competition where -- >> they stick it in their -- that's gross. >> they stuck snot in their nose. >> find out who's in the game this year. >>> what's it like when you take 200 dogs out for a walk? >> chaos. >> well, it's like this! [ dogs barking ] >> where is this coming from and
the fire was caused by careless use of smoking materials. >>> i got two videos to show you of people getting t-boned. the first one comes from a motorcyclist's helmet cam. >> oh, boy. >> oh. >> let's look at that again. that was pretty short. looks like he was riding between two cars and got hit by a car making a left-hand turn. >> man. >> i hate hearing the sound of a crunching motorcycle. it just breaks my heart. >> if that breaks your heart, check this out. a lot of hearts could have been broke bin this video. watch and see if you know what happens here. >> whoa. was that an ambulance. >> that was an ambulance. when you first see this video, you think you know what's going to happen. this car probably ran a red light and these pedestrians are coming. that's not what happened. if you notice, the light is red when the pedestrians enter the walkway or the zebra crosswalk. that car, it probably was rushing to get through the red light. the ambulance didn't have a siren going, just lights. this guy still had the yellow light. those people did enter the walkway before the light turned g
indefinitely for that. do you think this officer should have been reinstated? let us know on facebook. >>> this happened in anaheim, where the orange county sheriff's office bomb squad exploded six grenades and other suspicious items. >> weird. >> they put in their mobile blast chamber. >> like rdd 2. >> they were called out to assist the orange county bomb squad. approximately 8:00 this morning they noticed what appeared to be a backpack with explosive devices in and around the backpack. >> that brings the question, what the heck was a grenade doing in a backpack in anaheim. >> they're still trying to determine that. at this point they say they don't have any suspects. >> it appears the person or persons that left this explosive item at this location had some type of knowledge in explosive devices. we safely detonated six live hand grenades, a fair amount of plastic powder, fuses, other devices. no one got hurt other than maybe an eardrum from the blast. other than that, everything went very smooth. >> the best part is we're seeing this video and not video of those grenades going off
is back in the bay area for the first time since leaving about three months ago. her attorney told us her client returned without her and mirkarimi's young son theo. >> the commission is going to see that she's not afraid of ross, she loves ross, she feels some what invaded by this entire process. she's committed to her family, committed to ross, committed to her son. >> this happened yesterday. >> reporter: kenney told us lopez will put into context this emotional video made by neighbor madison of lopez displaying a bruise on her arm caused by mirkarimi. >> she got completely freaked out by what mrs. madison said to her regarding custody of theo. >> this is an only in san francisco story. >> reporter: former san francisco prosecutor jim hammer says mirkarimi's defense team is taking a chance. >> it's a last shot to change how people feel about this case. >> reporter: it's hard to say what people say on the bench. >> i've never seen a case that is solidly a political case. >> reporter: reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it is a big money court decision, a journey in alame
felony weapons and drug charges. law shared with us these photographs of what they found inside his jeep when they arrested him. 5800 rounds of ammunition, a shot gun, hand gun, marijuana, $900 in cash and a knife. >> we will do all we can to make sure we handle this case appropriately so this individual is unable to continue to be on the street. >> reporter: the da said investigators are still trying to find how he got the weapons. he first came to the attention of the police last month when he harassed threatened neighbors. >> he liked to say how he was in special ops. i know -- those people that tried to engage him. >> reporter: police say during the first encounter with him he allowed them to search the vehicle. at that time they found a loaded shot gun and a rifle. he was taken to the hospital and later release. investigators want to know how he got more ammunition and weapons in the three weeks between the two times they had contact with him. police credit alert neighbors for keeping him off the street. >> we have a great working relationship with the community and they didn't h
the same time around 9:00 last night. at least 12 acres burned. the arizona used by hikers, and there are several homeless campers there. they are upset and want the city to do something about it. >> our wooden fence line is 20 feet from my front door, and right outside the fence line is the orchard, and it's dry brush, orchard trees. it's a huge threat. >> officials say in all, there have been seven fires in the park in the last month. >>> san jose firefighters say it appears a pot of hot oil left on a stove started a big house fire. flames were shooting from the roof when firefighters arrived around 5:00 a.m. the smoke alarm woke one person in the house and everyone got out safely. the homeowner was out of town. two adult sons were in the house with two friends. >>> family and friends are grieving right now for a 15-year-old boy who was gunned down on his way to his home in oakland. the teen wanted to be a firefighter. jana katsuyama is live at the shooting scene near the oakland coliseum with new video of the teen. >> reporter: gasia, i want to show you a memorial that's
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